Short Hair Babe Fucked From Behind - Publicagent

Short Hair Babe Fucked From Behind

I don't usually cruise girls at night, but when I saw this short-haired babe get off the train, I just had to spring into action. Sasha said she had no experience modeling, but I made it clear that all I cared about was how good she looks in front of the camera. When she heard what a juicy offer I had on the table for a student who might want some pocket money, Sasha warmed up to the idea of showing me the goods. We went off to a quiet spot for her impromptu audition, and Sasha flashed her perfect round tits. Sasha drove a hard bargain, but with a thick wad of cash, I was able to tempt her into taking me balls deep in her tight pussy, and letting me film the whole thing!

May 1, 2016
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