Kiara - Publicagent


Blondes...I just love blondes. I spot this amazing looking blonde women looking lost in the middle of Prague. She was wearing shin tight denim jeans and knee high boots. She made me go weak at the knee's. I approached her and asked her I could help her in anyway. She explained that she was from Hungary and was in Prague as a tourist. She had just had an argument with her boyfriend and now she is all alone. She had no money and really needed to find a hotel before it started to get dark. This was time for me to be a good Samaritan but getting a little something in return of course. I offered to give her enough money to pay for a hotel and have a little extra for food etc...but I also wanted to fuck her. She tried to decline my offer, but she knew that she did not have a choice. We found a perfect place to fuck. As she peeled off her tight jeans, she exposed her amazing firm ass. Her pussy was tight, but was soon nice and moist.

March 18, 2014
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