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I was walking around the film studio's in the city, looking for famous people to record on camcorder. I noticed a young looking women sitting on the public bench and I asked her if she was an...(become a member to read the rest)


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Sharka was a difficult challenge. She was not buying my story about me being involved in a top mens magazine competition. I just wanted to take her photo in her bra. If she got the most votes, she...(become a member to read the rest)


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Its been a few days since I was able to have a really good fuck. I was desperate. I got may camcorder and went out on the street. I approached a women as she was walking home. I gave her my...(become a member to read the rest)


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Today I approached a girl on the street and convinced her that I was a producer of music videos. I told her that she had a fantastic body and I want her in one of my videos for a new pop band. She...(become a member to read the rest)


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This hot MILF thinks she is being offered a new job, but I just want to fuck her. I tell her that I am working for a big company and they are opening a new office in Prague. We are looking for new...(become a member to read the rest)


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I love blonde women. I love it even better when the are just 18!! I approached Vanessa at the tram station as she was looking at the timetable. After I made certain she was over 18, I made my...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Savannah
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I am now have female fans asking to meet me and just fuck me. Savannah did just that. We arranged to meet. We talked about why she contacted me and she said that she has seen all my videos and...(become a member to read the rest)


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Here's is my American cousin doing what he loves to do. He spots a really beautiful tanned babe walking along the beach. She is wearing really short pink denim shorts and I'm sure you can see a...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Elis
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I had a hunch that this women had just used the tram without buying a ticket. I have used my fake ticket inspector story before and it normally brings me reward. I told her to show me her ticket or...(become a member to read the rest)


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Today I hand you over to my American cousin Billy. He has seen my videos and he thinks he can get laid as easily as me. His favourite pickup spot is the beach, and today he is in luck. A cute...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Foxie
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Foxie is just that....very FOXIE! She is a very cute Russian teen brunette. I start talking to her on the street. Once I realised that she was on holiday from Russia, there was no point in using my...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Kristina
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It's dark and I'm on my way home and I spot a good looking black haired women walking home alone. My ball have not been emptied for a 2 days so I quickly created a make believe story in my head and...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Kiara
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Blondes...I just love blondes. I spot this amazing looking blonde women looking lost in the middle of Prague. She was wearing shin tight denim jeans and knee high boots. She made me go weak at the...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Maja
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I'm up to my old tricks again in this video. I spot Maja walking along the river side and I approached her to give her my story about being part of an internet TV company and I just wanted to...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Belle
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I love it when I meet a women on the street that is easy to convince that i am a real modelling agent. I met Belle on the street and I told her that she would make a perfect model. She was very tall...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Michaela
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Today I'm going back to basics to get laid. I'm pretending to be a modelling agent on the look for hot new models on the streets. I approached this plain looking dark haired girl and told her that...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Jess
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OMG I could not believe my luck when I bumped into a real life porn star from UK. I had seen her in other porn videos in the past. I told her that I had been wanking over her the day before. I...(become a member to read the rest)

Anezka and Cayla

Main Video Thumb: Anezka and Cayla
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  • Video Thumb6: Anezka and Cayla

Well just to prove it doesn't always got my way, I've given you two scenes in one. The first girl had the most amazing tits I have ever seen, but after she shows me her tit and ass, she flatly...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Yana
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I see a young women on her own by the canal and she is trying to do some street dancing, and she is fucking shit at it. I approach her with my camera and pretend to be a talent scout for a TV...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Natali
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I love it when these women tell me that they re too shy. It becomes more of a challenge for me to get them naked. But this hotty was shy at first. I really believed that she would not let me see...(become a member to read the rest)