Main Video Thumb: Lulu
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  • Video Thumb3: Lulu
  • Video Thumb4: Lulu
  • Video Thumb5: Lulu
  • Video Thumb6: Lulu

If you like girls with tattoo's then you will love Lulu. I found her sitting at a bus stop and I told her some bullshit story that I was from a modelling agency. I noticed that she had a lot of...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Lolly
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  • Video Thumb2: Lolly
  • Video Thumb3: Lolly
  • Video Thumb4: Lolly
  • Video Thumb5: Lolly
  • Video Thumb6: Lolly

OMG. I found the ideal chick to try my fake modelling agency story with. I spot this little beauty walking down the street and I immediately ran after her. I told her that I was from a new...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Isabelle
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  • Video Thumb2: Isabelle
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  • Video Thumb4: Isabelle
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  • Video Thumb6: Isabelle

Isabelle had a really nice figure that I spotted from quite a distance. I really had to run fast to catch up with her. When I explained to her that I was from a modelling agency, she did not want...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Justyna
  • Video Thumb1: Justyna
  • Video Thumb2: Justyna
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  • Video Thumb4: Justyna
  • Video Thumb5: Justyna
  • Video Thumb6: Justyna

We just cannot believe just how gullible some women really are. Today Martin and I both pretend to be ticket inspectors for the tram company. We approach a women as she gets off the tram. We tell...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Yenna
  • Video Thumb1: Yenna
  • Video Thumb2: Yenna
  • Video Thumb3: Yenna
  • Video Thumb4: Yenna
  • Video Thumb5: Yenna
  • Video Thumb6: Yenna

Today Martin and I go searching in the major shopping centre for another sexy women to fuck. It took a little time to find the right girl. I really wanted a women with a really nice ass. We spot a...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Verity
  • Video Thumb1: Verity
  • Video Thumb2: Verity
  • Video Thumb3: Verity
  • Video Thumb4: Verity
  • Video Thumb5: Verity
  • Video Thumb6: Verity

Oh how I love to see a blonde with big tits. I spotted this blondie from a mile away. I have to get her tits out on camera. I pretended to be an agent for a movie producer, looking for curvy...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Johanna
  • Video Thumb1: Johanna
  • Video Thumb2: Johanna
  • Video Thumb3: Johanna
  • Video Thumb4: Johanna
  • Video Thumb5: Johanna
  • Video Thumb6: Johanna

Today we pretend to be a couple of guys from a film and TV talent spotting agency. We spot Johanna crossing the road and we approached her and told her who we were and that we are in need of extra's...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Laura
  • Video Thumb1: Laura
  • Video Thumb2: Laura
  • Video Thumb3: Laura
  • Video Thumb4: Laura
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  • Video Thumb6: Laura

Dark hair and wearing glasses, I spotted Laura walking across the square in the City. I immediately approached her and told her that she should seriously think about a career in modelling. I told...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Gina
  • Video Thumb1: Gina
  • Video Thumb2: Gina
  • Video Thumb3: Gina
  • Video Thumb4: Gina
  • Video Thumb5: Gina
  • Video Thumb6: Gina

Today we are lucky enough to spot a women with a fantastic ass. Her ass looked amazing in tight trousers. We approached her and pretended to be TV producers looking for contestants on our new...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Emily
  • Video Thumb1: Emily
  • Video Thumb2: Emily
  • Video Thumb3: Emily
  • Video Thumb4: Emily
  • Video Thumb5: Emily
  • Video Thumb6: Emily

I got a surprise when I approached Emily about a modelling contract. this time Emily was actually a model, but she confessed to say that she does not get a lot of modelling work theses days. She...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Lena
  • Video Thumb1: Lena
  • Video Thumb2: Lena
  • Video Thumb3: Lena
  • Video Thumb4: Lena
  • Video Thumb5: Lena
  • Video Thumb6: Lena

This scene was a walk in the park really. Lena was just waiting for her bus when I approached her and pretended to be a casting agent from a film production company. I said that I was looking for...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Ewelyna
  • Video Thumb1: Ewelyna
  • Video Thumb2: Ewelyna
  • Video Thumb3: Ewelyna
  • Video Thumb4: Ewelyna
  • Video Thumb5: Ewelyna
  • Video Thumb6: Ewelyna

This women is an absolute stunner! I saw her near the bus station and I had to come up with a plan very quickly just to talk to her. I always have two cell phone with me, one for work and another...(become a member to read the rest)

Vanessa D

Main Video Thumb: Vanessa D
  • Video Thumb1: Vanessa D
  • Video Thumb2: Vanessa D
  • Video Thumb3: Vanessa D
  • Video Thumb4: Vanessa D
  • Video Thumb5: Vanessa D
  • Video Thumb6: Vanessa D

Once again I team up with my buddy Martin ad we hit the streets of Prague looking for a sexy women yo con into sex, with both of us. We spot Vanessa sitting on a bench waiting for her bus. We...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Claire
  • Video Thumb1: Claire
  • Video Thumb2: Claire
  • Video Thumb3: Claire
  • Video Thumb4: Claire
  • Video Thumb5: Claire
  • Video Thumb6: Claire

Today I take my good pal Martin (yes we are both called Martin) out of the street with me to look for some pussy to fuck. We approach good looking women and pretend that we own a modelling agency. It...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Evelyn
  • Video Thumb1: Evelyn
  • Video Thumb2: Evelyn
  • Video Thumb3: Evelyn
  • Video Thumb4: Evelyn
  • Video Thumb5: Evelyn
  • Video Thumb6: Evelyn

I saw this tall women in the subway and I followed her for a while to make sure she was not meeting anybody. I approved her from behind and commented how tall she was. I asked her if she had ever...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Amarna
  • Video Thumb1: Amarna
  • Video Thumb2: Amarna
  • Video Thumb3: Amarna
  • Video Thumb4: Amarna
  • Video Thumb5: Amarna
  • Video Thumb6: Amarna

This scene was a real test of my English skills. When I approached this redhead women on the street, I din not realise that she was Spanish and did not speak Czech. We both spoke reasonable...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Catlin
  • Video Thumb1: Catlin
  • Video Thumb2: Catlin
  • Video Thumb3: Catlin
  • Video Thumb4: Catlin
  • Video Thumb5: Catlin
  • Video Thumb6: Catlin

I was walking around the film studio's in the city, looking for famous people to record on camcorder. I noticed a young looking women sitting on the public bench and I asked her if she was an...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Sharka
  • Video Thumb1: Sharka
  • Video Thumb2: Sharka
  • Video Thumb3: Sharka
  • Video Thumb4: Sharka
  • Video Thumb5: Sharka
  • Video Thumb6: Sharka

Sharka was a difficult challenge. She was not buying my story about me being involved in a top mens magazine competition. I just wanted to take her photo in her bra. If she got the most votes, she...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Romana
  • Video Thumb1: Romana
  • Video Thumb2: Romana
  • Video Thumb3: Romana
  • Video Thumb4: Romana
  • Video Thumb5: Romana
  • Video Thumb6: Romana

Its been a few days since I was able to have a really good fuck. I was desperate. I got may camcorder and went out on the street. I approached a women as she was walking home. I gave her my...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Jennifer
  • Video Thumb1: Jennifer
  • Video Thumb2: Jennifer
  • Video Thumb3: Jennifer
  • Video Thumb4: Jennifer
  • Video Thumb5: Jennifer
  • Video Thumb6: Jennifer

Today I approached a girl on the street and convinced her that I was a producer of music videos. I told her that she had a fantastic body and I want her in one of my videos for a new pop band. She...(become a member to read the rest)