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This short blonde haired girl had no problem showing me her tits for 2000 Crowns. A blowjob cost me me 6000 Crowns, but full sex on my car cost me 10 000 Crowns. It was worth every bit of it as she...(become a member to read the rest)


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OMG - I finally meet a real life porn actress. It's true. I asked this beautiful Hungarian women direction to my hotel, (as I was lost again). Once in my car, she told me that she was a porn...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Andrea
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Wow wow what I thought when I saw tall, blonde Andrea walking down the street. I just had to fuck her. I pretended to be a lost tourist and asked her for directions. She tried to point me...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Aurelly
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Once again, I'm in Hungary and I'm pretending to be lost. I ask for directions from this brunette Russian beauty the way to the town centre. She didn't understand English very well until I showed...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Lucia
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Walking through the park I approached this talk dark haired English beauty and told her that I was interviewing people for mainstream TV. After a few questions I asked her what job does she do. She...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Sam
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I saw this hot women struggling to carry things from her car to her new house. I offered my help if she would let me film her. She was a little confused why I wanted to film it but she really need...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Kira
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I'm in Hungary on my holiday, but that does not stop me trying to find a great fuck. I spot a beautiful brunette in the street and as I approach her I notice that she has great big boobs and is not...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Eva
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Eva was rushing to catch her bus and did not want to take part in my fake interviews..that was until i told her that i will pay her. I asked her questions about her private life and I discovered...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Ava
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I'm doing a small favour for a friend. I'm just going to look at an empty property and give the owner a quote for doing some repairs and decorating. When I arrived I was greeted by the owner who was...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Natalie
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OMG!!! I could not believe my luck. I just asked this girl if she needed any help as she looked a little lost. I offered a lift to her friends house. On the journey I pretended that I had a...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Morgan
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As soon as I saw Morgan on the street, I knew I had to use my fake modelling agency routine to get her naked and sucking my cock. It didn't take too much persuasion to get her into my studio, and in...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Luca
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I spotted Luca taking a piss in the bushes at the side of the road. She wasn't very happy when she saw me recording her doing it. She demanded that I deleted the video immediately. I said that I...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Katia
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I began my fake interview with Katia as she sat at a bus stop waiting for her bus home. I asked some simple questions about the internet to start with, before I got personal and asked her about what...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Kate
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Poor blonde Kate fall for my fake advert looking for girls who want to be in a music video. She met me near my office as she really believed that I was producing a music video for a poplar boy band....(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Juli
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Juli was waiting for her bus at the bus stop when I offered to take her in my car. Of course she said no. Why would she get in a car with a stranger? However, after I told her I had won the lottery...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Hanka
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I met Hanka outside a shopping centre after she replied to one of my fake modelling adverts. She said that her friend had suggested she should try and be a model. I asked her if she had any photos...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Ragata
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No women can resist the chance of winning a brand new white iPhone. So I pretend to be working for a promotional company pretending to be giving away iPhone's as part of a promotion campaign. All she...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Krystina
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I approached Krystina on the street and pretended to of found a wallet full of cash on the floor. When I suggested that I took it to the police station, she had other plans. She wanted to share the...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Sophia
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I met one of my friends at the bar where she works. She had just finished and we were having a drink. I was trying to watch some of the footage that I shot on my camcorder from the day before, but...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Sara
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Sara was sitting next the river looking upset. Her boyfriend has left her for another girl. I told her she should make a revenge fuck video with me. She didn't take to much persuading and she was...(become a member to read the rest)