Anezka and Cayla

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Well just to prove it doesn't always got my way, I've given you two scenes in one. The first girl had the most amazing tits I have ever seen, but after she shows me her tit and ass, she flatly...(become a member to read the rest)


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I see a young women on her own by the canal and she is trying to do some street dancing, and she is fucking shit at it. I approach her with my camera and pretend to be a talent scout for a TV...(become a member to read the rest)


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I love it when these women tell me that they re too shy. It becomes more of a challenge for me to get them naked. But this hotty was shy at first. I really believed that she would not let me see...(become a member to read the rest)


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Here is another poor student who will fall for anything if it involves money. I tell her that I am a nightclub owner who is looking for sexy bar staff for a new club I am opening. I tell her that i...(become a member to read the rest)


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I arrive home to find a pleasant surprise. I have a new neighbour. She is quite fit and she has a sexy ass too. I start talking to her and I find out that she has moved in on the same floor as me....(become a member to read the rest)


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Standing at the train station, I notice a young woman smoking a cigarette directly underneath a NO-SMOKING sign. I approached her and pretended to be a security guard working at the station. I told...(become a member to read the rest)


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I'm trying to be romantic in this Valentines Day PublicAgent special video. I present this hot blonde girl that I saw on the street wit ha beautiful red rose. I told her that I was doing TV...(become a member to read the rest)


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This dark haired girl was one of the easiest fucks I've ever had. After she failed my fake travel agency competition quiz, she agree'd to show me her tits to have a chance of winning a trip to the...(become a member to read the rest)


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Well this time I have company. I took a female friend of mine on the hunt of a gullible girl. We spotted a short blonde haired women on the street and told her that we have a special offer for her. ...(become a member to read the rest)


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I manage to persuade a hot blonde with pink streaks in her hair to get into my car for a free ride to her friends house. She told me she was just a student that was in need of cash. I gave her my...(become a member to read the rest)


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I could not believe my luck. I was walking towards home and I spotted Leony April walking passed me. I just had to talk to her...I am a huge fan of hers. I asked her how much it would cost me to...(become a member to read the rest)


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I was loitering out side a supermarket when I saw a good looking blonde women in glasses coming out with some shopping. I approached her to see if she needed any help with her shopping. I said that...(become a member to read the rest)


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I saw this beautiful blonde women waiting for her bus. She had great long blonde hair and a great looking figure. I told that I owned a modelling agency and that I was working for a famous...(become a member to read the rest)


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I fucking love a girl in glasses. I spotted Anastazia coming out of the clinic and I rushed up to her to ask her if she would mined answering a few personal questions...for cash obviously. She wasn't...(become a member to read the rest)


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I spotted Lola waiting for a tram. She had a great figure and she was all alone just waiting. I approached her with my camcorder and told her that i was a photographer for a famous magazine and that...(become a member to read the rest)


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This was bound to happen sooner or later....I am recognised in the street by a hot girl. She totally took me by surprise and demanded that i fucked her with my big dick that she has seen on this web...(become a member to read the rest)


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If you like sexy ass and nylons, then you are in for a treat. I saw this sexy young women walking towards the train station. I stooped her to ask a few random questions. We talked about new years...(become a member to read the rest)


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This girl is so stupid. She actually believes that I am offering a free taxi service. I was able to convince her that the bus she was waiting for will not be arriving at all because of a major car...(become a member to read the rest)


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I'm treating you to another great Sex on a Train scene. I'm pretending to be a ticket inspector and I was luck enough to find a cute black haired women who had not bought a ticket. I pretended that...(become a member to read the rest)


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Today I am pretending to be a sales person from a cellphone shop. I stop a good looking women and tell her that she can win a brand new iPhone5 if she can answer 3 easy questions. Unfortunately, she...(become a member to read the rest)