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Armed with his trusty camcorder, and a wallet full of cash, the Public Agent goes out on the streets to find the next Top Model...or so they think! With the promise of modelling contracts, fame and fortune, these girls will do anything to get their dream job.


Main Video Thumb: Luci
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This frantic women was desperate for a ride to see her boyfriend. She had promised him that she would be there in an hour, but she missed her bus. I agreed to give her a ride. We started to talk...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Niky
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  • Video Thumb6: Niky

Like taking candy from a .... is how I would describe this scene. I was just driving my car and this women looked desperate for a ride. I let her get into my car only if she let me film our...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Karoleena
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  • Video Thumb2: Karoleena
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  • Video Thumb6: Karoleena

This blonde women was standing at a bus stop just minding her own business, when suddenly I'm offering her 2000 Crowns to strip off into her underwear. She thinks I'm working for a fashion TV show. ...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Ani
  • Video Thumb1: Ani
  • Video Thumb2: Ani
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  • Video Thumb6: Ani

I saw Ani standing all by herself at a bus stop. Maybe I should make her day a little brighter. I approached her and pretended to work for a TV company and I wanted to interview her. the questions...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Jasmina
  • Video Thumb1: Jasmina
  • Video Thumb2: Jasmina
  • Video Thumb3: Jasmina
  • Video Thumb4: Jasmina
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  • Video Thumb6: Jasmina

Ok, today I'm pretending to be an artist. Not just any artist, but a sculpturist. I spot this blonde MILF with a nice figure and a sexy walk coming towards me. I stop her and explain that I have...(become a member to read the rest)

Jessie A

Main Video Thumb: Jessie A
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  • Video Thumb3: Jessie A
  • Video Thumb4: Jessie A
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  • Video Thumb6: Jessie A

This sex blonde Czech babe took a while to convince, but I soon had her in a quiet public area and that is when I realised that that she was not as shy as she made out. I could not believe how she...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Cameron
  • Video Thumb1: Cameron
  • Video Thumb2: Cameron
  • Video Thumb3: Cameron
  • Video Thumb4: Cameron
  • Video Thumb5: Cameron
  • Video Thumb6: Cameron

Too easy is how I would describe getting inside Cameron's 18 year old pussy. She is young and not wise to the word of horny men. I approach her and use all my charm to convince her that I could...(become a member to read the rest)

Lola Taylor

Main Video Thumb: Lola Taylor
  • Video Thumb1: Lola Taylor
  • Video Thumb2: Lola Taylor
  • Video Thumb3: Lola Taylor
  • Video Thumb4: Lola Taylor
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  • Video Thumb6: Lola Taylor

Blonde Lola Taylor had just finished working at the hotel where I was staying. I waited for her outside and approached her as she walked down the street. I asked her if she knew of any sex clubs...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Meg
  • Video Thumb1: Meg
  • Video Thumb2: Meg
  • Video Thumb3: Meg
  • Video Thumb4: Meg
  • Video Thumb5: Meg
  • Video Thumb6: Meg

Halloween would not be complete without a halloween themed fuck out on the street. I spot a witch on her way to a Halloween party. I told her that I wanted to go with her, but she said said it was a...(become a member to read the rest)

Tiffany S

Main Video Thumb: Tiffany S
  • Video Thumb1: Tiffany S
  • Video Thumb2: Tiffany S
  • Video Thumb3: Tiffany S
  • Video Thumb4: Tiffany S
  • Video Thumb5: Tiffany S
  • Video Thumb6: Tiffany S

Tiffany could not speak very English so I used the only language that she understood. MONEY. I went straight in with a 1000 Euro offer for her to suck my cock. Suddenly she understood every word I...(become a member to read the rest)

Tiffany D

Main Video Thumb: Tiffany D
  • Video Thumb1: Tiffany D
  • Video Thumb2: Tiffany D
  • Video Thumb3: Tiffany D
  • Video Thumb4: Tiffany D
  • Video Thumb5: Tiffany D
  • Video Thumb6: Tiffany D

Oh, this was too easy. I picked up a sexy hitchhiker from the side of the road and she said that the train station has lost all her luggage and her money. She did not have any money to buy food or...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Nia
  • Video Thumb1: Nia
  • Video Thumb2: Nia
  • Video Thumb3: Nia
  • Video Thumb4: Nia
  • Video Thumb5: Nia
  • Video Thumb6: Nia

Brown hair, brown eyes and a great pair of tits...oh and a great ass too!!! Perfect. My cock was semi-hard just talking to Nia. Her beauty was to much. She had a cheeky character and I could tell...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Tina
  • Video Thumb1: Tina
  • Video Thumb2: Tina
  • Video Thumb3: Tina
  • Video Thumb4: Tina
  • Video Thumb5: Tina
  • Video Thumb6: Tina

I can't believe how stupid some women are. They will fall for anything if money is involved. Today I spot a short haired cute brunette on the streets of Budapest. I had to think of a story very...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Charlize
  • Video Thumb1: Charlize
  • Video Thumb2: Charlize
  • Video Thumb3: Charlize
  • Video Thumb4: Charlize
  • Video Thumb5: Charlize
  • Video Thumb6: Charlize

I love a women with really big lips...the lips on her face! I spotted this cute women on the street of Budapest and I quickly caught up with her to ask her if she would be interested in having some...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Brook
  • Video Thumb1: Brook
  • Video Thumb2: Brook
  • Video Thumb3: Brook
  • Video Thumb4: Brook
  • Video Thumb5: Brook
  • Video Thumb6: Brook

Brook is so shy. She can barely talk to me when I ask her if she wants to try and be a model. It took a lot of prompting from me to get her to understand that I wanted to pay her to take her...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Aida
  • Video Thumb1: Aida
  • Video Thumb2: Aida
  • Video Thumb3: Aida
  • Video Thumb4: Aida
  • Video Thumb5: Aida
  • Video Thumb6: Aida

I fell in love with Aida as soon as she walked past me near a museum in Budapest. She has a pair of tiny Daisy Duke shorts on and a pair of really great tits. I stopped her and politely explained...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Cathy
  • Video Thumb1: Cathy
  • Video Thumb2: Cathy
  • Video Thumb3: Cathy
  • Video Thumb4: Cathy
  • Video Thumb5: Cathy
  • Video Thumb6: Cathy

OMG BIG BOOBS!! I watched in amazement as this big breasted MILF walked passed me on the streets of Budapest Her boobs were huge and did not bounce as she glided passed me. I hurried after hr with...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Jenny
  • Video Thumb1: Jenny
  • Video Thumb2: Jenny
  • Video Thumb3: Jenny
  • Video Thumb4: Jenny
  • Video Thumb5: Jenny
  • Video Thumb6: Jenny

This was one of easiest fucks I've ever paid for. A young looking women is standing on the side of the road looking a little confused. I pull over and ask if she is OK. She says that she is trying...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Vanessa
  • Video Thumb1: Vanessa
  • Video Thumb2: Vanessa
  • Video Thumb3: Vanessa
  • Video Thumb4: Vanessa
  • Video Thumb5: Vanessa
  • Video Thumb6: Vanessa

This lovely black hair woman was interested in being a model a long time ago when she thought she was young enough. When I asked her if she was still interested in becoming a model, she was...(become a member to read the rest)


Main Video Thumb: Alicia
  • Video Thumb1: Alicia
  • Video Thumb2: Alicia
  • Video Thumb3: Alicia
  • Video Thumb4: Alicia
  • Video Thumb5: Alicia
  • Video Thumb6: Alicia

Alicia was just happily going about her business and walking along the street. I took one look at her tight ass in her tight jeans and I had to try my luck. I told her that I was from a modelling...(become a member to read the rest)